Sairam friends,

I was inspired to worship Karni Mata and create this website Sai Karni as Shirdi Saibaba, Goddess Annapurani and Bhadra Kaali amman made me chant her holy name contineously for few days in August 2012. Though SaiKarni has all my personal stories below, i know its neither useful for me or the girl i loved or the world.  I wanted to do something thats really useful for Sai devotees and also those who love Karni Mata.

Note – I don’t feel comfortable expressing few personal issues in this article and tempted to delete them. I have completly deleted the personally issues i wrote here as i want to use this site only to spread glory Karni Mata devotion.  Sai Ram

Vision – SaiKarni

Spread the message of

1. Planting Trees, Tulsi and respecting Nature

2. Give up bad habits following the path of devotion

3. Bless every one with peaceful married life – Learning to live strong when you have painful relationship issue.

4. Learn to Respect Women’s feelings as in India even today there’s narrow mindedness.

Dedicating “SaiKarni” to my Sai friend

By grace of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Annapurani and Saint Shirdi Saibaba, I dedicate this site to Durga and Karni Mata devotees.

Vision blessed by Goddess Annapurani:

I live hundreds of miles away from her in South India I kept asking Sai to show me a way to divert my mind from a relationship issue. Finally on August 18th 2012, I was blessed with a dream as if my mother wants to offer a parrot green Silk saree to Goddess Annapurna. I wokeup with satisfaction, got a light green saree and requested the priest of Annapurani temple to do abishekam and offer the saree to goddess.

On August 19th 2012, i reached temple at 7.33 and immersed by mind in having good darshan of abishekam with Milk, sandal,curd, coconut water and other sacred items..When the priest opened the screen after dressing the Goddess, I truly felt the presence of Goddess Annapurani in the form of Meenakshi Amman as the light green saree along with a golden parrot and golden akshaya patra was divine.

Somehow my mind was hooked to search for details about Goddess Karni Mata whom my friend had mentioned to me few month back when my Mom was very sick. Since Karni Mata’s adbode deshnok is in Rajasthan, i believed chanting her name is my final solution.

karni mata
Karni Mata in Deshnok temple

Chanting “Sai Karni Mata” contineously and Vision of Sai as Annapurani

From August 21st , i started chanting

Sai Karni

Sai Karni

Sai Karni

On August 22nd, i was blessed with a dream as if Sai appears as Goddess Annapurani herself with a Akshaya Patra in his holy hand. I also could clearly see a vision of my friend telling me “Don’t cry”.

After 3 days of chanting

Sai Karni Mata, Sai Karni Mata, Sai Karni Mata, i have finally decided to do something productive that will do justice for the true love i had on my friend.

Karni Mata leela:

I firmly believe its Leela of Karni Mata to inspire me to create this website friends. Karni ma is a saint who lived in 13th century  Rajasthan. At a time when there was no womens rights in our country, Karni mata must have taken her divine avatar to bring justice to women. She carries a Trishool in one hand and a chopped head of a man in another. I believe its expression of taking away a Mans ego.

Even today i see thousands of women are hurt in our country with no even freedom to choose the guy she wish to marry. There are women who suffer in their in-laws place, at office and various places. I believe this this sacred work of mine will inspire many devotees to do naam smaran – Chanting of the holy name

“Sai Karni Mata”

Sai Karni Mata

Sai Karni Mata.

Since i love Shirdi Saibaba, i add “Sai” ….or you can simply chant “Sri Karni Mata”  Its your wish…

You can also light lamps to Goddess Durga and Sai regularly

Learning from my experience:

From 2007, thousands of sai devotees have wrote to me about relationship issues and all i could tell them was chant “Sairam”, light lamps etc . When things don’t work out they feel dejected. I believe this experience of mine will help us all learn the Art of Detachment. Though its very hard to forget someone you love, try to love Sai and Karni Mata even if things din’t happen as you wish.

Remember your parents wants you to live happily. So take the path of devotion and gradually you will find your life peacefull.

Venkat – 24/8/2012

Always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba and Goddess Karni Mata

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