Aum Karani Mangalam – Karni Mata Bhajans

Sairam friends,

There are few Bhajans which mermerises us and makes our heart filled with bliss. I love the below Karni Mata Bhajan which i found on youtube as i wish everyone enjoys it as i did.

I am not able to understand the lyrics completely…Its soothing to heart and i could feel unconditional love of Karni Mataji while listening to it. Note – Copyright belongs to respective singers and producers of the album. I have just embeded the youtube video as it inspires devotion on Karni Mata.

karni mata aarti
Karni mata aarti – Thanks to devotee who did this divine photography

 Aum Karni Mangalam РMy favourite Karni Mata Bhajan

More from the Same Karni Mata Bhajan – Aum Karani Mangalam, Jag Janani Mangalam


May Shirdi Saibaba and Karni Mata bless us all with peace…I wonder how she hooked me to love her though i live hundreds of miles away from Deshnok.



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