Durga Saptashati

Parayan of Durga Saptashati with blessings of Durga Devi, Sai and Karni Mata

Sairam friends,

A month back a women saint blessed me with a sacred dream which motivated me to create this website. In the dream the women saint showed me a letter in which it was written, the guy has to light 700 crore lamps. I made a site thinking Goddess and Shirdi saibaba wants me to spread the greatness of lighting lamps.

Who is Karni Mata? For Devotees of Goddess Durga who don’t know about Karni Mata, she’s a women saint who lived in 13th to 15th century in Deshnok, Rajasthan. She has done many leela’s during her lifetime. She has given darshan (vision) as Goddess Durga with Trishul and Lion to few of her devotees . She’s truly a incarnation of Goddess Durga which is why i used this site to inspire both Goddess Durga devotees and also Karni Mata devotees.

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Parayan of Durga Saptashati is like lighting 700 crore lamps:

After few weeks, i saw a book of Durga Saptashati in Saibaba temple in my hometown. Since Durga Saptashati has 700 Mantras, i realized Sai and Karni Mata must have meant the 700 mantra’s as 700 crore lamps meaning each mantra in Durga Saptashati as equal to lighting one crore lamps.  Today by sai grace, i have started doing parayan of Durga Saptashati.

I am writing this post after completing first chapter in Durga Saptashati. I realized Goddess Durga herself speaks about detachment to a devotee. So i am trying to come out of my past and just prayed Goddess Durga and Karni Mata to bless me with a good girl as wife. I don’t want to hurt the family of my past girl friend anymore by writing that they have done something wrong. Sai and Karni Mata made me realize “Each one goes towards what they desire and i must not expect they will come back to me”.  These days marriages happen based on Money and Status. So its OK for them to dislike me. I am sure Sai and Karni Mata will bless me with the girl i deserve. I just wish to bring peace and happiness to my old parents by grace of Goddess Durga.

Durga Saptashati
Durga Saptashati mantra

I whole heartedly request all Karni Mata devotees to do parayan of Durga Saptashati. I live thousands of miles away from Deshnok, Karni Mata’s abode and never had darshan of her mandhir. Somehow Karni Mata hooked me to show devotion on her. So i wish to use this website to spread the greatness of Goddess Durga devi and also Karni Mata.

Durga Saptashati Video

The below video in youtube is sung by Anuradha Paudwal. I have embedded it for welfare of Durga and Karni mata devotees. Note – Listening to such videos and Durga Saptashati mp3 online is good but the real divinity can be felt only when you take time and do a parayan of Durga Saptashati. I am also not good at sanskrit or hindi but i slowly read word by word and by sai grace felt truly blissful.

Durga Saptashati mantra is very sacred. I wish to update in this post more about my experiences. Kindly request all devotees to share their experiences on Karni Mata and Goddess Durga.

I wrote above words on 22nd and next day i completed the sacred Durga Saptashati doing Kumkum Archana for Lord Ganesha, Goddess Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi, Meenakshi Amman, Shiva linga, Annapurani and Shirdi Saibaba. Every Mantra i recited, i offered kumkum on Mahalakshmi and all Gods. I kept chanting

“Sai Karni Mata”

“Jai Durga Devi”


Jai Shree Durga, Muruga , Mahalakshmi while offering kumkum…

I am writing this article with my fingers covered by traces of holy kumkum…Friends, i had tears in my eyes remembering past but i don’t want to bring any problem to anyone. I requested Durga to bless me with the girl whom she wishes should marry me.  I request men and women who wish to get good married life to do parayan of this sacred Durga Saptashati mantra.

After the parayan of Durga Saptashati, i lit 9 lamps in my pooja room. Requested parents to see aarti and showed aarti with lamp. Then i asked my parents to take kumkum for themselves, i did namaskar in their feet and they blessed me with kumkum.

I am really pleased Shirdi Saibaba motivated me to do Durga Saptashati. It gave me good feeling of divinity in heart. Iwish all Sai and Karni Mata devotees recite or listen to Durga Saptashati. Try to get the book in near by temple in language of your choice.

In the days to come, I will try to use SaiKarni.com to spread the greatness of Durga and Karni Mata.

Jai Durga Devi

Jai Karni Mata

Jai Sairam

Venkat – 23/09/2012

always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba



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