Lets plant Trees – Lets make a Garden of Tulsi in our house

Sairam friends,

I am trying to spend my life time doing good deeds and spreading the greatness of Shirdi Saibaba and Karni Mata. I read in a article that when Saint KarniĀ  Mataji lived , She never allows anyone to Cut trees. She had such love for Trees and Nature.

Today i had been to Annapurani Mandhir and kept chanting “Sai Karni Mata” contienously. I offered rice for Annapurani in a Akshaya patra kept there and came home. I was too sad but someone tried to make myself confident that surely Sai and Karni Mata will do a leela in my life.

At night i felt painful and started watching videos of Karni Mataji in Youtube. I listened to few bhajans and finally got inspired to write article to spread a good message.

Tulsi plant worship is very auspicious – Grow Tulsi in your house in a earthern pot

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia – Durga

Shirdi Saibaba’s Love for Tulsi

During Sai’s Life time, Baba used to grow Tulsi plant in the same place where there is Samadhi Mandhir of present day in Shirdi. A devotee by name Vaman Tatya used to provide Pot to water these tulsi plants. The Earthern pots which are baked in fire will remain permanent but the one which is not shown in fire will get broken on the same day. Baba only wants the Earthern pots unbaked. So Tatya used to suppy a fresh pot every day for Saibaba. Sai used to water Tulsi plants untill the sun set .

The villagers of shirdi used to comment that this fakir does no work but simply water these plants but sai never minded. Soon there was a Tulsi vrindavan – A Garden of Tulsi plants in the place – Divine, beautiful and scerene.

It is the same place where Sai grew hundreds of Tulsi ( Tulasi in Tamil) where Buti built mandhir. The Samadhi mandhir of Sai has so much powers because every inch of the land below it, has the divine qualities of Tulsi.

In my house, we have around 5 flower pots to grow Tulsi plant and we worship Tulsi at times.

I humbly request Sai devotees and Devotees of Karni Mataji to grow Tulsi in their house and take care of it.

When ever you get chance, please take interest in Gardening, do any favour for farmers and plant trees. Lets learn to respect Nature from these two great saints.

Sai Ki Jai

Jai Karni ma ki




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