Give up Bad Habits by worshipping Goddess Durga – Karni Mata

Sairam friends,

Its my long time desire to create a website which helps Sai devotees and generally devotees of Goddess to help themselves divert their mind in devotion and gradually quit bad habits.

My mission is to divert minds of people who drink, smoke and having tobacco pan masala to comeout of it and take a simple spiritual path.

Give up Anger taking path of devotion:

The worst bad habit of all is Anger. Showing anger can ruin our life and though am into Sai Bhakti for years i also get angry when things don’t workout. I have seen many people spoil their and their family members life just by showing anger. I request you to gradually learn to live in peace. May Sai and Karni Mata bless you to control your anger friends. Light lemon lamps regularly every Tuesday, friday and sunday to Goddess Durga and Karni Mata.  You will be blessed.

Karni Mata
Karni Mata

If you love Shirdi Saibaba and Karni mata then,

Keep chanting

Sai Karni Mata

Sai Karni Mata

Sai Karni Mata

whole heartedly

If you are devotee of Karni mata alone, then you can choose to chant any of her holy name or simply

Sri Karni mata

Sri Karni Mata

Naam smaran – chanting of Gods/Saints name will help you divert your mind and take you in path of devotion. It won’t immediately help you giveup bad habits but it surely works someday..




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