Karni Mata blessed me with a dream – Karni Leela

Sairam friends,

A week back, i was blessed with a very beautiful dream by grace of Goddess BhadraKali and Karni Mata. I was very much worried about a relationship issue and went to Bhadrakali temple in my hometown. Then i kept chanting a mantra uniting the words Sai, Karni and Bhadrakali . I slept off deeply and in the early morning was blessed with the following dream.

I saw myself and my parents going into Karni Mata temple. It was very different and not really looked like Karni Mata temple but in my mind, i feel its Karni Mata temple. I see a very old women singing bhajan in praise of Karni Mata.

Durga mata – Karni mata is avatar of Goddess Durga

The song was like this…

Leela Leela…..Karni Ki leela….

Actually, i forgot the lyrics but it was so divine and so beautiful. The old womens devotion on Karni Mata made me feel how could she sing so beautifully in praise of Karni devi.

Out side the temple, i see few women selling some pooja items. I had kept a artine symbol ( heart shape) gift item made of metal in the street. These women selling pooja items din’t removed the artine symbol gift with some quotes. It remained in the street near which they sell pooja items. It helps them grab attention of devotees to buy their stuff.

It’s a very simple dream friends but it filled my heart with love and devotion on Karni Mata, Shirdi Sai baba and Bhadrakali Amman. The night before i had this dream, I saw the below video of a man singing bhajan in praise of Karni Mata sitting in the temple. I like the way devotees giving dakshina to the man and the old man arranging it over the Harmonium.

In the dream i saw Karni Mata temple at night, lit only with natural lamps and also the old women’s bhajan was too mesmerizing. Wish i could remember the tune and lyrics friends.


Chirja Karni Mata ki:Ambe maa aati sun awaj:SS Ratnu:

I also love the below beautiful Karni Mata Bhajan

Sai ki jai



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