Karni Mata blessings

Sairam friends,

I was really in pain when i launched this website – SaiKarni few month back as i was going through a relationship issue. Gradually i realized Shirdi Sai baba and Karni Mata will surely bless me with a good life.

The reason i wish to share this in SaiKarni is that after many days i wanted to write a article in Saikarni and wondering what to write. I got message from Sai to worship Karni Mata sincerely.

karni mata
Karni mata Blessings

What i understood about Nature of Karni Mata:

There might be people who’s family Goddess (kuldevata) itself is Karni Mata and they will be worshiping her for several hundreds of years but my devotion on Karniji is just few months old. What i understood about Karnima is that her heart is very very soft when a devotee surrenders to her and keeps chanting her holy name. She doesn’t know the right way or wrong way etc. She is so eager to fulfill the wishes of her devotee. Her ways are very strange and powerful.

Based on a dream, i realized that Karni Mata’s approach towards helping her devotees is very unnatural. In the sense, she doesn’t bother a devotees past karma. Her heart goes for her devotee and she simply wants to fulfill their wish.

So my humble thought is that Worshiping Shirdi Sai baba and also Karmi Mata is very fruitful. Probably they both discuss about welfare of their devotees and find the best possible way to help them.

So sometimes i like to keep chanting “Sai Karni….sai karni saikarni….”

Lord Ganesha Wedding:

Many days back i got a dream as if i see a book in which Lord Ganesha is holding his wife’s palm – A beautiful wedding of Ganesha with siddhi. Today i came across a similar photo and wish to post it here.

ganesha wedding
Ganesha Wedding – Dream vision i had was exactly like this painting

Sai Ki Jai

Jai Karnima ki




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