Share your Karni Mata Experiences – Karni Leela !

Sairam friends,

I am trying to collect “Devotees Experience” of Saint Karni Mata. I appreciate if you could share any Photos taken during your Karni Mata Pilgrimage, Good information about Life of Karni Mataji .

karni mata
Karni Mata painting with holy Trisool, Surya, Chandra and Eagle

You can also share Karni Mata Experiences which happened in your life by mailing us. I have visited any temple of Karni Mata as i live too far in south India. Somehow when i was worried a lot, the Goddess inspired me to chant her name and i created SaiKarni.

Experiences you send will be posted when i have time but i have a policy not to display phone numbers/mail ids etc. We are sharing experiences to realize the greatness of Saint Karni Mata. Hope Sai and Karni Mata does leela in my life too friends..

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Jai Karni Mata

Jai Sai Ram

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