Seven ways to make Karni Mata Happy

Sairam friends,

As i had wrote in past articles, i live over 2000 miles away from Deshnok and never visited Karni Mata Mandhir. Somehow Goddess Annapurani, Durga and Bhadrakaali Amman gave me experiences to create SaiKarni to spread the greatness of Karni Mata.

I agree, my writings might seem too personal but i wish to remove few content because i am already fed up praying Shirdi Saibaba and Karni Mata to show me a way that the girl i love comes back in my life. Now i decided to be free and let go of it. Sai has made me realize, we can only show that we are caring and affectionate but we can’t prove people that we are good as everyone are attracted to Money and big Status.

Somehow as parents too are getting old, i am trying to come out of my past and praying Sai and Karni Mata whole heartedly to bless me with the girl they choose for me. I wonder if i will ever me able to have darshan of Karni Mata especially because coimbatore is too far from Deshnok, Bikaner.

durga devi
Karni Mata is a women Saint who lived in 13-15th century Rajasthan, Considered as Incarnation of Durga – Durga Devi Photo courtesy of a devotee

Karni Mata devotion inspired me to do parayan of Durga Saptashati

Anyway, my love for Karni Mata and Goddess Durga made me do Parayan of Durga Saptashati last week. I expected Karniji would do a leela but its been over a week and am worried a lot. All i know about Karni Mata is through articles i read on net. So based on wikipedia , Karni Mata was born on October 2nd, 1387. ( Forgive me if date is wrong as i believe Saints Past life must not be taken into account same as the Origin of River)

“Happy Birthday to Karni Mata

October 2nd being Gandhi Jayanthi makes me free from office. I plan to Celebrate Karni Mata’s birthday by visiting Bhadrakaali Amman temple just 2 Kms from my house. Like every ordinary human being though i understand Sai and Karni Mata is showing me not to be too much attached to anyone in this life, i am after all not a saint like them. I surrendered to saints to lead a simple life by their grace . So obviously, i expect a SaiKarni Leela to happen on october 2nd 2012.

Shirdi Saibaba has assured me to bless me with a Gift already by doing a leela in his own way. I am just waiting for it to Happen.

I think my articles are going too much personal. So let me now focus on what devotees gain by coming to Sai Karni. Saints will bless us when we show devotion on them. On the holy day which i believe to be Karni Mata Jayanthi, lets see how to make Karni Mata Happy. Note that these are my personal ways. You can choose your own way to show devotion on Karniji.

karni mata
Karni Mata ki jai – I truly love this painting of Karni maa

My personal way of devotion to make Karni Mata Happy:

1. The first thing i love to do is offering flowers to Karni Mata Photo in house.

2.  Offer Naivaidhya ( Offering of Food or sweets) remembering Karni Mata

3. Light many lamps. As many lamps as you wish. Since Karni Mata is Durga Avatar and since i am a South Indian, i would like to light Lemon Lamps to Karni Mata.

4.  If possible listen to any songs of Karni Mata – Karni Mata Aarti or Bhajans. I have habit of listening to Karni Mata Bhajans on Youtube.

5. Do any good deeds or  Annadhan in temple. If you live abroad, give toys/sweets to your relative’s or friend’s kids as i believe making Children happy reaches Saint’s and God. You can also involve in any good activities which you consider as any good deed like helping someone poor get educated etc. Make sure you don’t spend beyond what you can afford.

6. Give saree, Kumkum packet, Tumeric powder and flowers to any poor women. Example women cleaning temple, women selling flowers etc. Ashirwad – Blessings of women are very powerful. Making a women happy will certainly make Karni Mata happy.  Karni Mata lives as Antaryami in every women.

7. Feed birds, cows etc regularly. As Karniji favour’s Rats, i am sure she blesses her devotees when they care for Animals and Birds, fishes etc. For people living in City, its hard but when ever you get a chance try to feed animals. Make sure you don’t keep biscut in hand and ask the dog to eat. Be careful friends. My habit is when i go to any Bakery for coffee very rarely i might see Dogs in the road…I immediately  get Tiger biscut ( only 5 Rs ..he he…) and feed Dog.

That’s it friends. Feel free to share how you worship Karniji and make her Happy.

There are so many ways to Make Karni Mata happy. I may not do all that i listed about but i am sure when i inspire Karni Maa devotees to involve in good deeds, its a blessing in disguise.

Karni, I write this with tears in eyes. You know the pain i am going through Karni. I don’t want to do any sins to any girl in my life but my previous births sins has made me worry a lot. Please show your grace…Please do Leela..

once again,

Happy Birthday to Karni Mata

Sai ki jai

Karni Mata ki jai

Durga Devi ki jai


Always in the holy feet of shirdi saibaba.



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