A humble request – Respect Women and perceive them as Karni Mata

Sairam friends,

I am not a perfect man to write this article but its the divine force which makes me express few views.  I hope this article creates in you, intense affection, love and respect on your Mother,Sister,Friends,Wife and Daughter because Karni Mata lives as Antaryami in your mothers heart.

Note – SaiKarni.com was down for more than 2 years and I took it live again after one of my friend introduced her friend by name Karni. I felt this small incident the way Karni Ma is making me worship her again. I worship Shirdi Saibaba but I wish this site must be up and running forever as the goal of the site is to spread the message of “Respecting Women in your life”. I am simply making use of Karni Ma’s grace to spread this message since that’s only the key reason for her incarnation.

I really feel embarrassed for what I wrote about the girl I like in past. It was written when I was too much hurt and emotionally pained. I only laugh at how sensitive I have been in past. But I feel the story is worth telling since it might help people when they go through similar difficulties.

There’s a message you can spread to your friends with beautiful Photography in InstaSai –

A girl is to life like Stars are to Sky

free human
Let women live based on their free will

My Sweet Karni

I have been getting mails from Shirdi Saibaba devotees from 2004 through StarSai.com which i call as “Shirdi Saibaba Temple of Humanity”. Its going to be 8 years now friends.  I myself faced several pains in my career and relationship issues and finally when i face a situation where i become responsible for a change in a girls life – (her marriage is arranged just because i requested her father if i can meet him as we were in love), I started going to few temples of Goddess Annapurani, Akilandeswari and Kamakshi Amman.

Let the girl and her family be in peace but i really felt guilty why should i be responsible for problems in her family and why sai made as a instrument to force her into marriage?. I kept asking Shirdi Saibaba to help me find answer. Finally Bhadrakaali amman blessed me with a Hibiscus flower on August 20th 2012 and gradually that week, i remembered about my girls words that, there’s a temple in Rajasthan in Deshnok where the Goddess is Very Powerful which is home to thousands of rats.

karni mata
Karni Mata – Incarnation of Goddess Durga

Chanting “Sai Karni Mata” for 9 days:

I started Chanting “Sai Karni Mata” the next 9 days continuously. I was blessed with few divine dreams during this period. I kept praying for my parents, sisters family and the girls family too.

In 2009, when my mother realized that many of her sisters and family members are going through a painful phase, one of our family priest told us its because of the sins done to women in previous janma or by our ancestors. So we did a pooja in August 2009 which i really consider as the auspicious pooja we ever did as it was done in a famous Ancient Shiva temple in coimbatore. You can read about the pooja in below link

Sumagali Pooja – Greatness of Women’s  blessing

During that year, i also realized that many Sai devotees and devotees of Goddess are praying a lot for good married life. I also wanted to create a site that would be a blessing for my married life too, that Goddess will bless me with a Good girl as wife. So i create a mini site – MarriagePooja.com

Offering of Saree, Kumkum, Tumeric powder and Flowers to women:

When ever any girl or guy write to me that they need blessing to find a good husband or wife, i request them to get 2-3 affordable sarees, keep kumkum and tumeric powder packet along with some flowers and give it as a gift to poor women or any women welwishers and get ashirwad from them. This is because we never know what sins we had done in previous birth and if these sins are done to women, then it will ruin our entire family. So in this birth, when ever we involve in any good deed to women and gain their whole hearted blessing, then surely we will  be blessed with good married life.

Even women and men facing problems in married life write to me. These problems now a days are too complicated and i feel better not to reply such mails. Even then, they can worship Goddess Durga or any Goddess they love lighting lemon lamps and doing the above offerings. They might see a change based on their karmic deeds and strength of their devotion.

Hurting your Mother, Sister, girl friend, Wife, Daughter  and then going on a pilgrimage or doing any Pooja is of no use:

Things have become too westernized that today girls too are hurting and cheating guys but majority of suffering is there for women. So its my humble request to each and every devotee of Sai and Karni mata to show pure affection on any women in their life. You have all rights to argue with family members but have a limit. Learn to respect your mothers and sisters feelings. Understand your wives and daughter’s feelings and for men who are not married yet, do not ever cheat or hurt any girl in your life.

In the past few month, i got mails from newly married women that their Husband is physically hurting them and getting too much angry on them etc. In Indian culture (you like it or not), Parents arrange marriage of their daughter with lots of efforts. Being married is certainly different from the times you must have been spent your life with all the independence. Once married, you might have to adjust few aspects and learn to live in harmony. Instead, if you think just because someone is your wife, she alone is supposed to adjust, its not going to help you.

Today women are educated, work and earn well but most of them don’t know how to handle such situations. Some immediately go for divorce and some become too depressed and adjust painfully. As a servant of Sai, my humble request is learn to understand each other and try to live in harmony.

There are Sai devotees who write me that they are facing painful married life for over 20 years and now even their Son is not respecting them. I don’t even reply such mails as i can’t do anything. All i can request is to ask them to light lamps and chant Sai’s holy name.

Why should Goddess Durga incarnate as Karni Mata?

Its a revolution to live as a women saint in Rajasthan that too in 13th-14th century India. Women are basically seen as someone lower than men in India. Even her birth has a beautiful leela

The sixth child called as a “Stone”

Karni Matas parents were very devoted to Gods. Her mother gave birth to 5 girl child and when she was pregnant, everyone in her family expected that atleast the next child to be born would be a Boy. Those days (and even today in some family) a male child is considered auspicious and a female child as inauspicious.

Her father appointed 2 maid servants to take care of his pregnant wife. To everyone’s shock, the child was not born even after 10 month. A maid got scared and ran away. Its to be noted that during her 8th month of pregnancy,  Goddess Durga appeared in her mothers dream and blessed her saying,

“I myself will be born as your child” and that the baby will be born in 22nd month only.

Birth of Karni Mata – How Ridhubai came to be known as Karni?

On october 2nd 1387, the sixth child was born in suwap village, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She was named as Ridhubai. To see the newly born child, her aunt, Fathers sister came expecting a baby boy. When she realized her mother has given birth to a girl  child even the 6th time, she knocked the head of her mother folding her palm – bent fingers. To everyone’s shock, the fingers remained bent forever and could not be straightened out.

Later when Ridhubai was around 5 years of age, her aunt was making the child take bath. Ridhubai asked her aunt about the reason for her bent fingers. Her aunt told her about the past incident when she was born. Ridhubai with so much affection on her aunt, took her palm in herself and gently stroked it.  As soon as little Ridhubai stroked, her aunts fingers became normal after several years and she was able to straighten it.

The aunt who once used to curse her mother now told everyone in the village that Ridhubai is really a miraculous child and she’s incarnation of Goddess Durga – so she named her as Karni.

Thus ordinary Ridhubai now because Karni and later Karni Mata – Mother Karni.

( This morning i was listening to 1000 Sacred names of Goddess Durga friends – Durga Sahasranama in which one of the name of Durga is “Karini”)

Friends, Saints incarnate in India – this holy land because they have a mission to accomplish. Probably Goddess Durga knew that women in this country are humiliated and hence she incarnated to bless them and protect them. Now both men and women worship Karni Mata all over north India especially in Rajasthan, Maharastra and devotees come from all over the world but do they all realize why Goddess Durga should incarnate as a women Saint?

karni mata
Karni Mata Painting with her Trishool and Aura that shines like crores of sun

Karni Mata Incarnation to spread the message of Respecting Women

Personally, i feel its a message of destroying ego in every human being. Men who think they are supposed to dominate and women who take wrong path needs a women saint to take them in the path of devotion. Men who are very religious and who do rituals and pooja think they are blessed by Karni Mata for their devotion. No.

If you really need blessings of Maa Karni, learn to understand feelings of your mother, your sister , your wife and any girl you might come across in life. Always have a limit to your domination. Its ok to correct someone but you must realize they also have desires and freedom to live their life.

At the same time, now a days even women take wrong path or hurt or humiliate men in their life due to various situation. (Trust me, i also get mails from men who worry so much about their wife/mother/sister/Daughter). Such women, when they show devotion on Karni Mata, they will be able to realize their mistakes and start to live in harmony  with their family.

Karni Mata is very powerful:

Though i am devoted to Karni mata only for the past 3 weeks when i write this article in September 2012, i really got upset with her as she din’t came in my dream though i chanted her holy name for 9 days.  Later, i realized she did come in my dream and blessed me. Even last night i could clearly see a little girl of around 7 years of age in dream and i know she’s Karni Mata.

I remember Shirdi Saibaba and Karni Mata regularly now a days and both have become one in my heart. I hope Sai blesses me with a good wife and brings happiness to my parents. I will be happy if its the girl i love but such leela is hard to happen in Kaliyug as my mother says. Anyway, atleast because of her, i have become close to Karni Mata and through SaiKarni, Karni Maa has made this little servant of Sai to spread the greatness of Karni Mata.

A Humble request – Respect Women and perceive them as Karni Mata

My mission is to create as many men, women and children as possible to take path of devotion and not just stick to pilgrimage, darshan in temple or rituals and mantra. They must whole heatedly learn to respect each other. Women too now a days hurt men which they must gradually correct. Men also must learn to Respect women in their life. You can always show your anger or frustration on women but show them the affection and care they deserve.

If you have any bad habits that could ruin your family, worship Karni Mata to give up bad habits. If you are in bad relationship, give up to be blessed with good life.  All that’s required is a change.

I believe Saints incarnate on this earth to create that “Change” in us.  Having written so much, i myself get angry with my mom and at times my wife in future. I am not all perfect. I am just trying to be someone good. We all have mistakes and we can certainly try to change ourselves friends.

You can argue with your mother, sister or any women but perceive as Maa Karni when they need your help and be righteous. Do not encourage bad thoughts towards any women.

You can be happy with your wife but perceive her as Karni Mata when she really needs your support and care.

Tomorrow, on sep 2nd 2012, i have to wake up early as i am traveling to my Kula devta – Palani Murugan. Its going to be 1 at night. Why did i write this article. Does it have mistakes or does it speak the truth. I really wonder if i wrote it or if Maa Karni wants me to write it.

Saints has many agents. I am after all a ignorant servant of Sai and Karni mata. She inspired me to write and i expressed most humbly my views friends. Hope this transforms your nature gradually and you lead a happy life.

(All photos in this article used by courtesy of Karni Mata devotees)

Sai ki Jai

Jai Karni Mata



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